Help Me Fight Spondylitis This Weekend!


From anywhere in the world you can participate in Banding Together, an international online music festival this weekend, with a goal to assist in the research and treatment of Spondylitis, an aggressive form of arthritis that affects over 1 million Americans and has an early adult onset.

You can hear a set of my music recorded live in-studio, combining the children’s and adults’ music I’ve written throughout my career, including a new, unreleased song. Anyone who donates to Banding Together gets a compilation album that includes a special edition of “Jungle Gym Jamming” from our upcoming debut album.

My set will be played at the following sites and times:

My friend Lazlo founded this benefit 7 years ago inspired to help his wife Naomi who battles this condition, along with over a million Americans, and has remained dedicated to growing this effort every year to help make this debilitating condition more manageable and eventually curable. This event benefits the Spondylitis Association of America.

I hope you’ll join me this weekend in supporting this worthy effort.

Musically yours,




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