Happy birthday Awesome Amy!

1Today, we celebrate our very own “Awesome Amy” Didner’s birthday! Ever since our daughter’s development inspired us to write kid-friendly songs full of heart, humor and rock-n-roll spirit, the Jungle Gym Jam has been our passion project together. But did you know that Amy and I have written and recorded songs for kids for years before that, tracing back to her time as a teacher’s aide and a student teacher?

We had written some original songs, come up with educational “parody” lyrics to popular songs, sometimes in French (Amy taught a French class to preschoolers at one point), and even done songwriting workshops where we collaborated with the kids in class to write a song that fits a theme in their curriculum. We had thought it would be a good idea to maybe one day take our efforts to support Amy’s classroom in a professional direction in their own right and put that thought on the back burner.

Amy, Jason and Holly from the Jungle Gym Jam on the beachIt was in our new life as parents of a rapidly developing and curious child that we really discovered what we could do if we poured all our musical and educational passion into a project that’s intended for whole families and whole school communities to enjoy together.

Amy is many things to the Jungle Gym Jam – our co-lyricist, our Educational Director, the MC of our most interactive moments with the kids in the audience, the keeper of the beat for our acoustic performances, and the puppeteer.

Personally she means far more than that to me – my co-pilot on the roller-coaster of our shared life, my inspiration to be a better person, my most trusted confidant, and my best friend.

Please comment below to wish our beloved Amy the happiest birthday yet (followed only by happier ones!) We’d also be honored if you gave our two albums a listen; you can get to them from our Music page.

Musically yours,


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