Five Sea Lions Celebrates Fourth Anniversary!

Four years ago this week we released our first-ever single, “Five Sea Lions!”

This animated video was released about a year after the single, shortly after the release of our debut album “Everyone’s Invited!” Animation by Glen Biltz.

Sing along with our Lyrics page here! 

The single’s artwork was lovingly created by British children’s illustrator Emily Clapham.

When you come to our live shows, you get to see Awesome Amy operate “Sally the Sea Lion,” designed by puppeteer Chris Palmieri.

Turtle Back Zoo. Photo by Bob Didner

This catchy little number has held up really well at our live shows – it offers our littlest fans a simple activity to count down from five and learn some basic dance moves. Older kids and grown-ups pick up a little marine biology. Everyone gets a refreshing reggae/ska beat to move to.


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