Fan-made Video for “Day at the Beach”

An Invitation to Make Your Own Beach Video Like J.C.’s

J.C. Colyer is a fan. Not just a fan of my music, but someone who made our music happen night after night, hauling our gear up and down steps, fitting an impossible jigsaw puzzle of speakers, sound boards, drums and keyboards in the band van – back in the 90s when I was a member of Jim Kilby and the Crusade. J.C. is a passionate fan of Jersey rock and that magical sound influenced by Bruce Springsteen.

Photo of Seaside Heights boardwalk depicted in J.C. Colyer's fan video of "Day at the Beach" - a song by Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym JamAnd not just a fan of Jersey music. J.C. is a fan of his beloved Seaside Heights community. So when he made a fan video of Bruce Springsteen’s “My Love Will Not Let You Down” featuring “Jersey Strong” inspired images from the Superstorm Sandy recovery in Seaside, I thought of him to make a video for my new Jersey Shore-themed anthem “Day at the Beach.”

Here’s J.C.’s picture video of “Day at the Beach:”

Your Turn!

I invite you to make your own picture video of this song. E-mail me at to obtain a high-quality download of the music. Make your own video of this song and post to your YouTube channel. It could be made up of pictures or video clips.

Just make sure that the pictures and clips are yours or you have permission to use them.

About J.C. Colyer

John J.C. Colyer, editor of "Day at the Beach" video

John J.C. Colyer

John “J.C.” Colyer makes impressive use of information technology to share his journey as a person living with cerebellar ataxia, a condition that has hampered his ability to walk and coordinate the muscles in his body. It has made speech difficult (but not impossible) for him. J.C. tells his personal story on a series of YouTube videos where he speaks into the camera and painstakingly adds subtitles to help clarify what he is saying. He is a passionate supporter of a social safety net to provide people in his position with as dignified and independent a life as possible. He is a strong and clear anti-bullying and anti-prejudice voice in the world’s dialogue.

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About the Song “Day at the Beach”

The song you hear in the video includes my first successful horn arrangement, performed by the horn section from popular north Jersey band The Defending Champions. “Day at the Beach” is a track on the upcoming album Lollipop Motel and gets right to the heart of the album’s “family beach vacation” theme. Lollipop Motel is due for worldwide release on May 13.

The album is produced and mixed by Marc “Baze” Bazerman, mastered by Scott Anthony at Storybook Sound in Maplewood, NJ, engineered by Matt Ryan at Homefront Studios in Caldwell, NJ. Ross Kantor-drums, Casey McCleary-vocals, Jim Goodwin-bass, Matt Ryan-trombone, Jovan Alvarez-trumpet, Matt “Shooby” Schoenebaum-tenor sax. Lyrics by Jason and Amy Didner, Music, vocals, guitars, keyboards by yours truly!

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Rock on!

– Jason


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