Family Festival Spotlight – Ross Kantor on Drums!

Ross Kantor on DrumsMusicianship and friendship always seem to go together. Ross and I have shared both since we were 11 years old and getting turned on to classic rock by Ross’ big brother Scott. I was playing a little Casio keyboard from a discount store and Ross was getting to know his way around the drum kit.

Fast-forward 32 years and here we are, at it together again! Ross was absolutely my first choice to play drums in the Jungle Gym Jam because the music is so much about friendship and has such a strong rock-n-roll vibe that calls for a great musician on drums. Ross’ drumming is highly creative and isn’t just about keeping a beat. It’s about little subtleties and surprises, all in service of the song.

And you can’t miss Ross onstage, with his easygoing smile that reveals his total love of music making. This will be fully on display today at our Album Release Party!

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Just Jake’s
30 Park St.
Montclair, NJ 07042
11:30 AM today January 26
Special Guest: Marc Bazerman
Face Painting by Fancy Faces & Places
Juggling and Antics by The New Captain Kangaroo

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