Family Festival Spotlight – Judy Helbig on Bass Guitar!

Shredding back-to-back with Jammin' JudyWhen I stop and think for a moment about what the Internet makes possible, I’m astounded. Last spring I was looking for a bass player to complete the band’s lineup. I signed up for and searched on local bassists. Judy’s profile included a demo recording of her playing bass and singing “Somebody to Love” by Jefferson Airplane. The bassline was lively and flowing and the rock-n-roll attitude in Judy’s voice cut right through. I knew we had someone who we really needed to hear in-person!

Rehearsing and performing with “Jammin’ Judy” has brought the rock-n-roll vibe front-and-center in our band’s sound and presentation. Our first-ever gig was an all-acoustic affair, as agreed with the Essex County Presby Memorial Iris Gardens; the show put the songs front and center and hinted at our potential to rock out. It was the prep for our electric gig that really brought out Judy’s rock-n-roll powers. This is where her “born to be on stage” presence really showed up. Judy’s vocal harmonies blend nicely with Casey’s parts and her basslines add interesting counterpoints to the melody, sometimes even inspiring new ideas for my guitar leads.

Check out Judy’s great musicianship and rock-n-roll vibe at our Family Fun Festival and Album Release Party at Just Jake’s in Montclair, NJ this Sunday,

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