Everyone’s Invited! A Rock-n-roll Album for Kids of All Ages!

Songs Call for Active Play, Fair Play, Anti-bullying Attitude and Love of Learning

Everyone's Invited Album CoverOur debut CD “Everyone’s Invited!” is Parents’ Choice® Approved and has reached the Top 30 Kids & Family albums on CD Baby!

I want you and your family to get to know these fun songs by heart so we can celebrate active play, imagination and kindness together!

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This is from a review of our album:

“Counting, sharing, anti-bullying and exercise are all messages that your children will hear as they repeat the songs over and over. And trust me, they’ll want to listen to this CD over and over; it’s catchy.”

Helicopter Mom & Just Plane Dad parenting blog (see whole review here)

Everyone's Invited! Companion book to the albumDownload the free Companion Book to the Album (PDF) and immerse your family in a musical and creative experience together!

The eBook contains:

  • The story behind each song
  • Gorgeous illustrations that accompany five singles from the album
  • Coloring pages for the kids that you can print repeatedly
  • Lyrics and chords to all the songs, so you can sing and play along with the album
  • Fun activities like a maze and word find
  • Poems on the anti-bullying theme

7 thoughts on “Everyone’s Invited! A Rock-n-roll Album for Kids of All Ages!

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  4. Angela Addington

    Mom-Spot Review: My son and I reviewed the Everyone’s Invited cd. My son is 15 months and I am 27. I feel like this cd is best suited for a younger audience between the ages 1 and 5. I would catch my son dancing to most of the tracks on the cd. My son especially liked the beat of My Glasses and liked the song Down by the Bay. I enjoyed hearing Down by the Bay because that was a song we used to sing when I was growing up. I would recommend the cd to a friend. It has some catchy tunes that my son and I really enjoyed! (Review completed by Cara C., product review panel member)

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