Everyone's Invited and No One Gets Left Out

Everyone’s Invited and No One Gets Left Out!

An anti-bullying poem by Jason Didner

I’m planning on a party
A great one, there’s no doubt
Everyone’s invited
And no one gets left out

If a kid is shy or nervous
Or has a different look
Is not so much into the sports
But into chess or books

He or she might be so interesting
There’s one good way to know
By taking just a moment
To walk up and say hello

Each child brings something special
That at least deserves a try
I’d be missing something wonderful
If I just passed one by

So I’ll smile and say hello
To every kid who comes my way
Doing so leads somewhere good
It might make someone’s day

For a boy who’s being bullied
Or a girl trying to fit in
A simple thing can help
Somebody’s happiness begin

You never know who’s hurt by
Other children acting mean
And stuck re-reading sad and scary
Messages on screen

Our kindness makes the difference
When someone’s feeling lost
It makes our world a better place
And doesn’t have a cost

So let’s climb atop this jungle gym
And raise a joyful shout
“Everyone’s invited
And no one gets left out!”


© 2013 by Jason Didner

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