Early Childhood Rock-n-roll Music & Movement Class Tuesday in West Orange, NJ

New Semester starts Jan. 10 in West Orange

Jungle Gum Jam Time early childhood rock-n-roll music & movement class in West Orange, NJ - Jason photobombs with the kids and their grown-ups! Our “My Grown-up and Me” class is all set to give you and your kids a wonderful, funny, beneficial bonding time where your kids will play shakers and rhythm sticks and dance with colorful ribbons. We’ll set popular children’s books to music and we’ll throw in plenty of “it-takes-one-to-know-one” parenting humor that I’m sure you’ll relate to. 

We’ve held two pilot classes already and the course evaluation feedback has been promising and has helped us fine-tune the flow of the course and make just the right adjustments to accommodate both ends of the intended age group (6 months to 3 years). 

Class takes place on Tuesday morning at 10:30 at Church of the Holy Innocents in West Orange, NJ for the next 12 weeks. You can save money by registering for the whole term ($150, which works out to $12.50 per session) or register for individual “drop-in sessions” for $15 each. 

Register here:

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