Congrats Chloe’s Friendship Circle!

6-Year-Old Podcaster Raises $665 for St. Jude’s, Exceeding Her $500 Goal!

Jungle Gym Jam fans played a part!

Chloe, host of Chloe’s Friendship Circle podcast

CARLSTADT, NJ – Chloe has been surrounding herself with very good influences on her young life, with her mom and dad solidly supporting her inspiration and her efforts, resulting in a podcast that’s been running for nearly a year – Chloe’s Friendship Circle.

A trip to SiriusXM’s Kids Place Live studio in Washington, DC brought then-5-year-old Chloe face to face with Absolutely Mindy, the kids’ music program’s director and leading on-air personality. There, Mindy suggested that Chloe start her own radio show, which she could do right from home as a podcast. With the writing and production help of her parents, Chloe forged ahead with the challenge. She’s interviewed Grammy-winning children’s musicians, authors and actors. Chloe has shared a special craft or recipe idea on each episode and ended each one with a “Friendship Pledge,” which changes each time, each offering from a different angle a child’s inherent wisdom on how to be a friend.

And she selects plenty of music to include in each podcast, which is often themed in some way. Much of the music is that of the interviewed children’s musician, but other songs that fit the theme are fair game, whether they’re made by kindie artists, or whether they’re Disney standards.

One of Chloe’s recent interview guests was a particularly strong influence on her. Uncle Dox (stage name for Joseph Sullivan) is a children’s musician who donates all of his record sales proceeds to charity. After Chloe spoke with Uncle Dox, she started a Fundraise Your Way campaign for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and set a goal of $500, with a deadline of last night (May 31, 2016).

I was so moved by this child’s generosity of effort that I jumped in to help. Starting with my Lollipop Motel album release party, I donated 10% of souvenir table proceeds to Chloe’s campaign. For online album download sales I was able to pledge 50% of those proceeds (because I’m not paying for CD replication, packaging and shipping when it comes to downloads). Thanks to your generous participation in my efforts to aid Chloe’s campaign through my album launch, we were able to contribute $50 over the course of her drive.

Chloe’s final total was $665 raised for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Half of this number comes from Tom and Liz at the Full Van Fun family travel blog, who generously pledged to match all donations made to Chloe’s campaign. The couple also matched the public’s donations to St. Jude’s with an equal contribution to John Paul II Medical Research Institute.

What a great lesson for Chloe to have learned, that when she uses media such as a podcast to speak to the public, she can call for that public to make a positive difference and they will respond. This is a process that builds true confidence, not vanity or greed.

I congratulate Chloe and look forward to having her interview my family for her podcast tonight (June 1, 2016), an interview that will be published a few days later. I also look forward to a bright future for this budding mass media genius.

I was so honored to help with Chloe’s St. Jude’s fundraising campaign that I want to go right on helping kids & families. Stay tuned for an announcement of who we can help together with fundraising next.

Musically yours,


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