Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam on Montclair's TV-34 "No Cover" with Gail Prusslin

Coming soon to TV-34 Montclair: JGJ on “No Cover”

We had an important experience as a band this past Monday taping an appearance on TV-34 Montclair’s “No Cover” series, which involved an interview between show host Gail Prusslin and me, followed by an acoustic performance by the full band.

Performing for a TV taping is a unique experience for a band. We know the camera and audio feed are going to only be as good as what we put into them in real time, especially without electric guitars and a drum kit to smooth over any vocal mistakes. Our harmonies had to be spot-on. Our stage presence had to play well to the cameras. The pressure of the situation heightened our focus while we were able to share a sense of humor over it.

For the interview portion, the time just really flew by. Gail really came prepared with an inherent understanding of what would make our story interesting to families in the viewing audience.

We’ll keep you posted about an air date; our latest estimate is for early October, but we’ll let you know of any changes. In Montclair, you’ll be able to see our performance on Channel 34 via Comcast or Verizon FIOS. The whole episode will also be posted online to be enjoyed from anywhere in the world.

(Photo by Michael Yellin)

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