New Coloring Page–“Free to Be…You and Me”

While the kids are indoors in this blustery cold that’s gripping the USA, give them a total creative experience with “Free to Be…You and Me!” Here’s our printable coloring page PDF, drawn by Hannah Tuohy Illustrations:

Free to Be...You and Me Coloring Page on, drawn by Hannah Tuohy Illustrations

How about a soundtrack while your kids are coloring… Here’s our new single of “Free to Be…You and Me” featuring Suzi Shelton:

BandCamp lets you download this track in return for providing your e-mail address (spam free!) or a donation amount of your choice, which helps us record more high-quality kids music like this!

There are more coloring pages on our Fun for Kids page.

Thanks for sharing this experience with the kids!

– Jason

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