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Thanks for Being Part of our Snow Day Concert Window Show!

Screen capture of Amy, Jason and Holly from Jungle Gym Jam giving a live, online family  show on Concert Window during the Blizzard of 2016.

Yesterday we took our concept of a live, online family concert further than before and you were right there with us! Since the forecast was pretty insistent from early last week that this storm would be coming, we made an early decision to schedule and promote this show as a family.

Last year I had given a solo Concert Window show and Holly had made a cameo appearance in it. This year, Amy was in on the act and we were able to introduce a lot more in the way of visual elements. We were truly a family being a family act.

More of you showed up this year than to last year’s show. Baristanet Family helped publicize the show by featuring us in their Snow Day Survival Kit article. Jay Lustig ( gave us strong Twitter support. Our friends in our local community were very helpful in spreading the word, sharing posts on Facebook and adding their own enthusiastic comments about their hopes for the event.

The audience was from all walks of our family life – our very own family – my parents Bob & Linda, brother Matt and sister-in-law Danielle and Holly’s young cousins Natalie & Maya were checked in online, along with our great friends from Holly’s pre-school community – Nicole and her daughter Elisa, Naomi & Manny and their daughter Lila took in the show. Our new friends Ariana and Apryl from Playhouse Nursery School also signed in to participate, along with their young ones.

It’s particularly sweet to have the support of other children’s entertainers, and we were fortunate to have that support from Lucy Kalantari, a stunningly talented singer/songwriter whose jazz-inflected ukulele playing, scat singing and infectious joy conjure up the sounds of the Roaring 20s, was on hand with her son Darius, a budding (very) young cellist. Lucy followed up our performance with a photo of Darius watching our show on their family’s big screen TV.

We also got to meet new families in the show, an opportunity for which we are very grateful.

We’d love to continue putting on Concert Window shows for you and would love to book these shows on dates and times that are best for your family’s home entertainment needs. So, please use the comments below to answer these questions:

How often would you watch a live, online family concert at home with the kids? Monthly? Weekly? During snowstorms, heavy rain, etc.?

Do you prefer weekday or weekend shows? Morning, afternoon or evening shows?

Would you also be interested in a concert for adults after the kids’ bedtime? I would perform a combination of covers by U2, Temptations, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Eagles, Beatles and originals with more grown-up themes.

Thanks for all your support and input; I’m always happy to position my act where it will do the most good.

Musically yours,