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Jason and Amy from Jungle Gym Jam create a fun and learning moment about how to tell a sea lion from a seal.

Jason and Amy from Jungle Gym Jam create a fun and learning moment about how to tell a sea lion from a seal.

A Jungle Gym Jam performance adds a memorable experience to a wide variety of family-friendly events, from public library Summer Reading program celebrations to private parties, from big outdoor festivals, to playdate house concerts.

Our music is suitable for kids and families of all ages, with a particular “sweet spot” for pre-schoolers and Kindergartners. Our current album “Everyone’s Invited!” is a CD Baby editors’ pick and bears the Parents’ Choice Approved seal.

“Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam is a wonderful live music experience for families with young children,” says Mommy Poppins Philadelphia in a concert review. “The energetic, interactive show came with puppet characters to help introduce the songs. Kids learned to “freeze dance” while dancing to the very catchy song about guitar pick safety. (Don’t put the pick in your mouth!)” Read the full review here.

Here’s a performance clip of a song, “Jam Packed,” performed live at Ocean County Library, demonstrating how we use visuals to tell a story in a song. The song also has humor that parents would “get” along with a fun “Bo Diddley” beat. It’s the kind of show you’ll get when you book us as an acoustic duo.

…and here’s a 30-minute live performance video (captured at World Cafe Live at the Queen as part of the Peanut Butter & Jams Concert Series) that demonstrates our interactivity with kids, our stage presence and the educational value in our songs:

View our Electronic Press Kit, containing album tracks, official videos, bios and photos here.

We offer a variety of options to bring our original music, which is enjoyed by kids worldwide, to your event within your budget. We’d love to hear from you about your interest in working with us to make something special happen. Fill out this form, call 201-838-1205 or e-mail us at: and we’ll be delighted to continue the conversation with you!

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