Jungle Gym Jam at Your Birthday Party!

More Birthday Joy! No Sticker Shock!

Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam at Monmouth Museum

Here’s a whole new way to get live entertainment at your young one’s birthday party:

Break it up into monthly payments and avoid the sticker shock that comes around at birthday time!

When you subscribe to the Jungle Gym Jam’s Patreon page at the “Happy Birthday!” level, we’ll entertain at a birthday party (or other celebration) of your choice each year (flexibility with date will be needed) — as long as you’re within a 3-hour drive* of our home base in Montclair, NJ.

>> Check out our Patreon page and look for the birthday party subscription levels. 

Patreon is an online community where people who love independently created music, videos, books, etc. get to be “patrons” of their favorite creators with a monthly subscription that keeps the good stuff coming.

For a pledge of $20 per month, your family gets the birthday party performance (acoustic duo) plus all of these perks:

  • Executive Producer – That’s right, you’re now an executive producer of the Jungle Gym Jam’s future albums! Your name will be in the credits, both printed on the CD insert and online.
  •  Monthly online concert – be part of a private group that gets online concerts webcast just for our subscribers. Request your favorite Jungle Gym Jam tunes to be dedicated to your kids.
  • Get all our music on CD and downloads. Your subscription comes with autographed CD copies of both our existing records Lollipop Motel and Everyone’s Invited! Plus every future CD album as it comes out. You’ll also get all the MP3 files for download, to save you the extra steps of importing the CDs.
  • Every new single before it’s released! When you subscribe to the Jungle Gym Jam’s Patreon page, you’ll get our monthly singles before the rest of the world does.

Would you rather have the whole band (4-5 piece) play at your party? Easy! Just go for the “Candle Blowout” level of subscription at $55 per month. Once a year, the full band will perform at your party. The party date will require flexibility as we tend to book many of our shows well in advance.

>> Sign up for the birthday party plan you want on the Jungle Gym Jam’s Patreon page. 

* Do you live more than 3 hours’ drive from our home in Montclair, NJ? We love to travel! You can still subscribe at these levels, but we’ll need to work out a plan with you to cover our travel costs in those cases.


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