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Patreon Meets the Jungle Gym Jam!

"Jersey Jason" lays down a vocal for the Jungle Gym Jam's new single "Pandagarten"For over four years, “Awesome Amy” and I have used rock-n-roll energy, interactivity, humor and lots of heart to create something that would make a difference in the lives of kids and families. We’ve created an invitation to put down that gadget, get up and dance. We’ve snuck in some educational content about animals and nature.

Our two albums Everyone’s Invited! and Lollipop Motel were produced in recording studios where we paid hourly for the time of a producer and an engineer, all while we witnessed the recorded music industry changing.

In 2017, you don’t have to buy a CD or download to hear the album of your choice; In 2017 you carry in your pocket a jukebox of virtually all commercially recorded music there is!

So…how does new recorded music get financed in this new era? The same way as the classical composers were funded in the 1700s! Patrons of the arts fund the creation of new music, simply because they want it to be created. An online community known as Patreon does just that…it enables fans of a creator to become patrons…to fund the creation of more of the art that makes their lives better.

>> Visit the Jungle Gym Jam’s new Patreon page and watch a 1-minute video. 

With Patreon, a creator’s patrons subscribe with the monthly dollar amount of their choice and get exclusive rewards from the artist.  Rewards become greater with larger commitments.

And instead of waiting a year or two for a full album to come out, patrons get a new, fully produced song each month as soon as they’re ready — before they’re released to the public. Patreon creators give their fans new material on a steady basis — it’s a two-way commitment.

For example, “Pandagarten” is ready for you right now, with a planned release date of Friday, 6/23. So if you become a patron today, you’ll get the single right away – before the general public.

>> Become a Jungle Gym Jam patron today and get “Pandagarten” right away! 

Awesome Amy from the Jungle Gym Jam recording vocals. We’ve set a goal for total monthly Patreon subscriptions. If we meet or exceed that goal, we can also create four professionally directed music videos each year, giving our best songs a visual element your family will enjoy.

While we’re building up our subscriber base, we will continue to create one single track each month for your listening pleasure. We can do this because we’re now recording at home using our own equipment. I’ve been learning recording techniques that create pleasing results that you and the kids will want to listen to over and over — so we don’t have to go into a studio or spend money on producers – I am the producer now. Your subscription will help me offset the cost of the recording gear I invested in for you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Please share with a family that could benefit from our creations.

Musically yours,


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