Local and Regional Businesses–Apple and U2 Changed the Game This Week–Let’s Play!

Jason Didner from the Jungle Gym Jam kicks out his leg at Lyndhurst Labor Day Weekend Antique & Craft Fair 2014

As this fall season got underway, Apple and U2 upped the bet on the way corporations and entertainers can work together. Apple treated their half-billion iTunes Store account holders to a free download of U2’s new album “Songs of Innocence.” Now, as a local indie artist for kids and families, I’d have to be crazy to expect Apple to buy up 500 million licenses to my album to give out to its users, but I’m fortunate to play within a great niche in my own right! And if you market goods and services to parents of young kids in the New York Metropolitan Area, we share a common niche and I have an audience that might want to hear from you at my shows or in my online interactions.

I come to this game of children’s rock-n-roll at just the right time — Jeff Bogle, a children’s music critic from the Philadelphia area says this is “the golden age of children’s music.” Parents are seeking out highly entertaining and memorable experiences to share with their children. Public budgeting and funding has collapsed and not really returned since the financial meltdown of 2008. Entertainers like me have all kinds of new opportunities to perform in big public spaces if alternative funding can be raised, given that towns, townships, schools and libraries lack the mighty budgets they once wielded.

Do you think that your business can benefit from a smaller-scale version of what Apple pulled off at the start of this season? Maybe you can treat local kids and families to an afternoon of high energy music that carries valuable lessons over an infectious backbeat. Can you envision your company logo on a banner behind the band on the biggest stage in town? Or doing a very personable meet-and-greet with moms and their little kids as you give out coloring pages or balloons at a library show?

I’d be delighted to help you strike up those all-important relationships with the families that have the potential to use your business to meet their needs and perhaps become raving fans of yours.

You get ideas of how my existing sponsorships work and maybe get a vision for a new and unique sponsorship idea on my Sponsorships page.

Call 201-838-1205 or e-mail me: Jason@JungleGymJam.com to see how we can play along now that Apple and U2 have changed the game together.


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