A Rocket to the Moon Tonight!

Tonight an American private-public partnership with NASA will send a rocket to orbit the Moon from Virginia. In the New York metro area, you can look to the southern sky at 11:25 PM. The rocket will appear to move from the right to the left as it arcs up slightly off the horizon.

View of the rocket's path looking south from Battery Park, NYC.

View of the rocket’s path looking south from Battery Park, NYC.

This is a great time to check out our song Peek-a-boo Moon and start a conversation with your kids about the moon.

[soundcloud_ultimate track=http://soundcloud.com/junglegymjam/peek-a-boo-moon]

If you’re not in the viewing area (Maine to North Carolina) you can watch live on space.com

By the way, it’s a New Moon, so you won’t see the moon in the sky tonight. Post your comments if you see the rocket tonight!


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