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Five Sea Lions Celebrates Fourth Anniversary!

Four years ago this week we released our first-ever single, “Five Sea Lions!”

This animated video was released about a year after the single, shortly after the release of our debut album “Everyone’s Invited!” Animation by Glen Biltz.

Sing along with our Lyrics page here! 

The single’s artwork was lovingly created by British children’s illustrator Emily Clapham.

When you come to our live shows, you get to see Awesome Amy operate “Sally the Sea Lion,” designed by puppeteer Chris Palmieri.

Turtle Back Zoo. Photo by Bob Didner

This catchy little number has held up really well at our live shows – it offers our littlest fans a simple activity to count down from five and learn some basic dance moves. Older kids and grown-ups pick up a little marine biology. Everyone gets a refreshing reggae/ska beat to move to.


Just Scheduled – Turtle Back Zoo this Sunday!

Acoustic duo will #RockNRecycle at Noon on 5/28

Meet Amy and me at Essex County Turtle Back Zoo this Sunday, May 28 for a #RockNRecycle acoustic performance.

While you enjoy the live music and the animals, please also help out the earth! Bring your used Styrofoam (clean, white, no prior contact with food), cell phones, rechargeable batteries and fluorescent light bulbs, and we’ll take them for proper recycling! And hear our new song “Forever in a Landfill!”

Turtle Back Zoo. Photo by Bob Didner

Rock-N-Recycle with Jungle Gym Jam this Summer!


This summer, the Jungle Gym Jam will perform in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland. If you’re coming to a show, please bring materials you’d like to recycle, like Styrofoam, fluorescent light bulbs & tubes, cell phones and rechargeable batteries. We’ll take them to the proper recycling centers for you! We just don’t want that stuff to sit in a landfill!

Lately, my family’s been inspired to raise our recycling game. We had lots of Styrofoam to get rid of and I really didn’t want to put it in the regular trash, knowing it would take up permanent space in a landfill.

So I researched how and where I could responsibly discard the stuff. And in the process found inspiration to write this new song, along with Amy. Here’s my acoustic version of “Forever in a Landfill”:

btw, nice sunburn, right? That was with my having applied sunscreen that day! Eesh!

How you can Raise your Recycling Game

Not able to get to one of our shows? You can raise your family’s recycling game with these simple tips.

If you have curbside pickup of cans, bottles and paper, that’s great – a convenient way to recycle a good amount of those materials that can regularly accumulate in a household. But how about things that are not picked up – it takes a little effort, but nothing too hard!

Jason from Jungle Gym Jam recycling Styrofoam at Foam Pack Industries in Springfield, NJ #RockNRecycleIf you live or work in northern, NJ, there’s a very conveniently located Styrofoam plant off Rt. 22 in Springfield (behind the Staples & Sam Ash stores) – Foam Pack Industries. They have a large dumpster where you can place your clean, white Styrofoam (usually the Styrofoam blocks that electronics and other goods are packed in). Make sure that it hasn’t touched food and there’s no tape/adhesives on the foam blocks).

Do you have burnt-out fluorescent light bulbs or tubes? (compact fluorescent included) – Bring these to your local home improvement store, like Lowe’s or Home Depot. Or to a Batteries + Bulbs shop. The mercury in fluorescent lights is harmful to plants, animals and ultimately humans if buried in a landfill, where the glass often breaks, releasing the toxin into the ground.

These stores, plus office stores, like Staples or Office Depot, will take your used cell phones and rechargeable batteries, which also have materials that can be harmful to the environment if buried in a landfill.

Thanks for paying attention to this important issue for the health of our local communities and our planet! Please share this with someone you think would be interested. And use the hashtag #RockNRecycle

Musically yours,