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New Video Made with our Fans – Too Big to Jump on the Bed

I’m excited to share this collaborative effort with you – our new video for “Too Big to Jump on the Bed!” A few weeks ago, I put out the call for families who like our music to take video clips of their kids jumping on the bed, sofa or trampoline and send the to me to make a music video. And here it is…

If you enjoy the video and song, please share it and please help yourself to the MP3 of the song for free (+ 2 more free songs) at

This song is on the upcoming album Lollipop Motel due for worldwide release on Friday, May 13.


This Made Me Nostalgic for a Time Before I Was Born

The Powerful Effect of a Wildwood, NJ Doo-wop Motel

Jason and Amy from the Jungle Gym Jam at the Lollipop Motel in North Wildwood, New JerseyImagine you’ve been traveling around your home state with your family, giving some shows along the way, and now you’re just about to arrive at vacation spot that’s all new to the kids. You’ve looked at pictures together on the family iPad. As you approach, that colorful, cheerful looking place so fills your sight, in a way that picture never could. You look at your 3-year-old daughter, who holds her hands to her cheeks as her jaw appears to drop, reveling in this sight she’d been anticipating . The historic Lollipop Motel in North Wildwood, NJ, an official Doo-wop motel, was that place for us the moment we arrived.

As soon as we got out of the car to check in at the motel office I knew we were in a very different place and time from our routine. The colors never appeared brighter; the splashing of the pool never sounded more refreshing; the doo-wop tunes playing poolside never more perfect in their harmonies. I felt like I was on the set of an early-60s Frankie Avalon movie of some sort.

Suddenly I was nostalgic for a doo-wop era that peaked 9 years before I was born and effectively ended with the first notes of Woodstock a year before I arrived in this world!

Jason Didner from Jungle Gym Jam sings Lollipop Motel at Lollipop MotelAmy and I set out to write a song that would do justice to those great moments in our family life; we figured a song about this doo-wop motel should be a doo-wop song. And we really wanted the song to carry the message about one of the great benefits of family travel – how the current, living moment, the “here and now” is heightened and we’re less carried away by everyday distractions like our cell phones.

Here’s a Facebook video of the song “Lollipop Motel” that the motel’s manager Denise filmed of me singing to my daughter Holly while she cuddles with my mom, Linda.

The song “Lollipop Motel” will be the title track of our new album, scheduled for May 13, 2016 release.

What experiences have made you nostalgic. Was it for a time you remember or for a time before you were born? How did you seize on expressing the nostalgic feeling? Your comments below this post are most welcome.