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A High-Flying Day at Crane Park Family Festival!

What a great time we had entertaining you at the Crane Park Family Festival last weekend! I love going airborne when I play with this band!

Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam at Crane Park

A great big thank you to Jeff Pizzi from Baze and His Silly Friends for sitting in on drums! We’ll be opening up for their Best Day Ever CD Release Concert at the Crossroads in Garwood on Sunday, Oct. 27. Kids are encouraged to come in costume!

Many thanks to Joann Smalls with Montclair Center Business Improvement District for organizing such a fine family event and including us in it. My wife, parents and 2-year-old daughter had a splendid time on this beautiful September afternoon! Big thanks to Brian Brodeur and his crew, Rastafa and Justin from Aciem Studios for the superb live sound and your flexibility in setting up the monitors to best accommodate how we were set up onstage.

Jason Shredding back-to-back w Judy

There will be YouTube videos up soon, including our debut of “My Glasses,” a very danceable groove originally written the day Amy and I went to pick up our daughter’s very first pair of glasses. Amy and I wrote the bulk of the song in the car on the way to the optician!

It was great to see Gail Prusslin of TV-34 Montclair’s show “No Cover” in the audience! Here’s the episode of “No Cover” featuring our band! Starting on Thursday it will be on Channel 34 (Verizon and Comcast) every night at 9:00 for about two weeks, but it’s available online anytime via the link.

We’ve got a busy few weeks ahead in the studio as we prepare our debut album. We’ll see you at the Montclair Public Library on Sunday 10/20!

You’re Really Not Alone

An anti-bullying poem by Jason Didner

You're Really Not Alone

You’re really not alone
No matter what you’ve been put through
You will find kind-hearted souls around
Who’ll share themselves with you

Although you may be reeling
From a rumor going around
And you feel a sinking feeling
Like a true friend can’t be found

How do you start all over
When you feel beat-up and ill?
You can seek new friends by kindness
Before looks or sporting skills

Some kids are understanding
Because they’ve been bullied too
And other kids just love to help
It’s what they naturally do

You may find them in peer counseling
To help you through your pain
To tell you how they made it
Through their loneliness and shame

You’ll find out whose behavior
Shows they know their right from wrong
With these kids you’re safest
You can feel like you belong

You’ll stop seeking approval
From those who treat you mean
When you’re busy being a good friend
In your new, happier scene

Until then you have someone
Rooting for you every day
If not around the corner
Then at least from far away

I may have never met you
But you can trust I care
Whether you get through it
Or you give in to despair

You’re really not alone
Just give yourself a chance to see
Until kind souls are by your side
Please at least reach out to me!

© 2013 by Jason Didner, All Rights Reserved

When Do You Tell a Grown-up?

An anti-bullying poem by Jason Didner

When do you tell a grown-up?

When do you tell a grown-up
Of something that’s not right?
Is it really tattling
If you can stop a fight?

A tattle-tale can’t wait to tell
Of picky little things
Like Josh’s messy desk
Or Emma’s loose binder rings

Young heroes tell their grown-ups
Of big things they come across
Of kids on playgrounds and online
Causing fear and pain and loss

It takes courage to put what’s right
Before what other kids might say
The rewards are so much greater
Like a safer place to play

A place where kids trust other kids
To always have their backs
And bullies know their hurtful games
Will be stopped in their tracks

Then some bullies won’t be bullies
They’ll learn a better way
To treat their fellow youngsters
As they go about their day

And those who cling to bullying
To deal with what’s inside
No matter what the grown-ups do
No matter how they try

They’ll be without an audience
To cheer on their bad acts
Their power will be less and less
You’ll get your safety back

A code of silence only makes
A scary place to be
Where only the aggressive kids
Feel comfortable and free

You’re not a snitch when you can save
A child from so much grief
Stomach aches every morning
Your act would bring relief

When all your friends will speak up
When they’re seeing something wrong
Your whole class will stand together
United, brave and strong

So when do you tell a grown-up
When’s the time to raise an alert?
Now you’ve learned it’s never tattling
When a child is being hurt

Before You Click Send

An anti-bullying poem by Jason Didner

Before you click Send think of what it will do

Before you click ‘Send’
Think of what it will do
To a kid who feels hope, fear and pain
Just like you

Whether done out of anger
Or a need to fit in
Mean postings do damage
And nobody wins

When your anger has faded
The moment is gone
That thing you put out there
Just goes on and on

This child who you target
Will feel it and then
Will get stuck in re-reading
Again and again

Other kids will be tempted
Caught up in the buzz
To share and spread out
All the damage it does

Imagine if that were
All over your phone
So you didn’t even
Feel safe in your home

Is it worth it to feel
More accepted and cool
If your way to get there
Is by acting so cruel?

Real cool comes from sharing
A positive tone
Helping others feel safe
That’s how you could be known

As a friend kids can count on
In school and online
Who doesn’t spread rumors
Who’s caring and kind

Before you click ‘Send’
Think of what it might do
For a kid who feels hope, fear and pain
Just like you

Everyone's Invited and No One Gets Left Out

Everyone’s Invited and No One Gets Left Out!

An anti-bullying poem by Jason Didner

I’m planning on a party
A great one, there’s no doubt
Everyone’s invited
And no one gets left out

If a kid is shy or nervous
Or has a different look
Is not so much into the sports
But into chess or books

He or she might be so interesting
There’s one good way to know
By taking just a moment
To walk up and say hello

Each child brings something special
That at least deserves a try
I’d be missing something wonderful
If I just passed one by

So I’ll smile and say hello
To every kid who comes my way
Doing so leads somewhere good
It might make someone’s day

For a boy who’s being bullied
Or a girl trying to fit in
A simple thing can help
Somebody’s happiness begin

You never know who’s hurt by
Other children acting mean
And stuck re-reading sad and scary
Messages on screen

Our kindness makes the difference
When someone’s feeling lost
It makes our world a better place
And doesn’t have a cost

So let’s climb atop this jungle gym
And raise a joyful shout
“Everyone’s invited
And no one gets left out!”


© 2013 by Jason Didner